Sunset – Starlight Tour

20150905-069Join us for the magic that happens when the sunsets. This tour begins at 6:00 pm with basic instruction and a safety and gear introduction. We then paddle out to watch the sunset on Railay West beach from the best view in the house. After the sun sets, your special SUP gear lights up and we are off for a night-time tour of the peninsula. We’ll round the corner to Phranang Beach and take in the majestic cliffs lit by moon and starlight. Out to sea on our way to Railay East we will encounter some of the Andaman Seas’ friendly fauna. Touch ground on Railay East just in time for dinner and drinks.

Be a minimalist – it’s easy to lose valuables at sea, at night. Please wear a bathing suit, and lightweight clothing. Bring a water bottle and a taste for adventure.

The tour is open to all adults! Be advised, you will get a good workout. If you are a first time paddleboarder, we HIGHLY recommend you join us for a beginner lesson prior to venturing out on the Sunset Starlight tour. Sign up for the tour along with a lesson and save 200 baht!

The Sunset – Starlight Tour is 1,900 baht and typically lasts 2 hours.

It’s the experience of a lifetime!